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Wedding Photography DIY with Fabulous Moments by Hong Photography

Wedding Photography DIY (Bridal Shop)
Planning your own wedding photography is fun. You get to be the boss and pick the dress, photographer, makeup artist and style of your dreams. The benefits are you get all the soft copies without extra charges, no hidden costs, there are no limitations in terms of gown selection and photography styles.

1. Compare the work of a few photographers; scrutinize their photography style and technique if it suits your personality – A fun person would prefer more light-hearted sometimes funky, not too dramatic shots and vise versa. For instance, Hong (Fabulous Moments) takes the time to understand the couple: how they met, how they fell in love and from there plan shots that will capture the emotions unique to the couple themselves. The mood created by the photographer directly influences the overall outcome. A single template for all – bridal shop concept does not work anymore. When couples are pushed to pose, dress-up and act in an uncomfortable manner, wedding photography tragedy happens.

nice reflection of the sun
Casual moment with fabulous lighting effects for the lively couple by Hong
white field romantic man!
This shot of the couple on a field sets a very romantic mood
glimpse of light in dark
A glimpse of light in the darkness
Hong is agile in capturing the right moment
With an ability to adapt to fast moving situations, all the couple needs to do is just be themselves and Hong will move in swiftly, like a ninja armed with his samurai sword, striking at the most precise moments to capture only the best.

2. Background Check. Look for the selected photographers’ reviews and try to find one who possesses a good reputation and work ethics… at least without tons of complaints. I believe it’s normal for any photographers to receive positive and negative reviews at any point, but when the negative remarks get out of hand, it is a red flag. Also, is the photographer qualified, certified, experienced, awarded? Here’s some research about Fabulous Moments – Hong Photography.

Hong is now a qualified licentiate of Wedding & Portrait Photographers of Asia (WPPA). His clients enjoyed the wonderful photoshoot he conducted. He is highly recommended because he produced fabulous photos.

Apr 2013
Thanks Hong for a wonderful photoshoot 26/03/13. We were initially quite shy but very much enjoyed it!
Aug 2013
Yauyau Foong and I would like extend our thanks to Wai Hong and Mr Phua for the great photos. Fabulous indeed! ^^ Great job and highly recommended.
3. Get photo samples of the wedding photographer’s work – the entire wedding day or pre-wedding album for instance. Usually what published on their website gallery is the best of the best collection; you have to see more photos from the same photo-shoot to make sure there is consistency. Facebook album is a good start. Hong managed to compose most of the photos wonderfully with his remarkable attention and skill. 
it could be misleading. real deal
Wedding of Leonard + Sabrina  – Album
4. After confirming the photographer, you can start planning the shots, poses and location for the photo shoot. Get ideas from friends, family, wedding websites or magazines. The pre-wedding photos can be synchronized with your wedding theme, so start collecting the relevant props. You can plan a Destination Pre-wedding to a location with a significant scenery you always wanted as the photo backdrop, arrange a date with the makeup artist and photographer. Also take note of the weather, choose a time when the blossoms are in full bloom for example, or when there is a special festival.

be creative
Props like a simple string of your first names on clothes pegs
will you marry me?
You can write whatever you want on a little black board
couples who love music
For the musically inclined
on some dried hay
Umbrella as a shade as well as a lovely photography prop
back of couple walking sand
Shot of the couple walking on the beach
lovely setting
Beautiful shot of the couple surrounded by orange flowers
coffee theme
Coffee lovers sipping a their favorite drink together

5. Plan your Wedding Gown and Suit for the bridegroom.

6. Select a Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist who is able to produce the style you want.

Fabulous Moments by Hong Photography
Tel: +6012-3190385
Full Wedding Day Photography: from RM2000
Pre-wedding: from RM1500

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