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List of Wedding Entertainment Vendors

Wedding is a time of celebration where there is lots of food and fun. Hire the experienced entertainers who know how to cheer up to your wedding party. From live music, dance to photo booth

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J-Revolution Entertainment

Jim is like a modern time Romeo who sings contemporary songs with a voice ideally suited for an intimate setting. His voice has the soothing influence that creates a romantic ambiance, it melts your heart.

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Live Band

Planning Your Wedding Entertainment

REASONS TO HIRE TOP LIVE BAND Rhumba Live Band‘s lead singers, each with unique style. Jacky plays more than eight western/ traditional musical instruments. Some say it is the best wedding live band they have

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Wedding Emcee – Entertainment in a Package

A wedding emcee interacts with the guests, coordinates the event and entertains. Each of them has special talents which could come in handy for your wedding entertainment purpose. Just discuss it over with the emcee,

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Wedding Entertainment Options and Ideas

Jazz and Swing the night away Attractive customized backdrop Wedding Emcee comes with Entertainment In a Package Types of Music Genre Learn and Perform for your guests Games Wedding Guest Book Frame Traditional Music Traditional

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Wedding Entertainment DIY Ideas

1. First Dance You can get a crash course and choose a suitable dance routine if you are not already a dancer. It’s a wedding tradition in the west. One of the dances to pick

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Live Band

Hikaru Entertainment

With over 10 years of experience and nearly a thousand wedding performances, Hikaru Entertainment has become a strong force in Malaysian music industry and is growing. I think the band is unique in an elegant

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List of Wedding Emcees Malaysia

Wedding Emcee (Master of Ceremony or MC) is very crucial in making the wedding event more memorable. He or she keeps track of time, makes sure the event flows smoothly, engages the audience, announces the

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myweddingplannersb weddingism x Wishing Tree munkeat mandarin oriental

How to Plan a Wedding in Malaysia Checklist

Wedding planning requires a lot of effort. From preparing the documents to register your marriage to the wedding reception banquet, it is important to have an idea what kind of wedding you want according to

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Digital Jetaime V Entertainment FAVOURITE SONG You are trapped in the house by the downpour outside. Looking out the window, the rain brings to mind past adventures, and heartfelt songs that make you smile. The

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List of Wedding Planners Malaysia

Wedding planners are usually hired because the couples are not able to do the arrangement themselves; they are either overseas, too busy, don’t want to be over-stressed, don’t know how to or simply – have

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List of Wedding DJ in Malaysia

GOOD NOISE PRODUCTION | +60 11- 5790 8360 | | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube The wedding is more enjoyable with lively and engaging atmosphere through music selection. Let the professional wedding DJ craft some special

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jetaime cover copy

Live Band

We encounter many somewhat bizarre and sometimes whimsical experiences with songs. A song can affect your emotions so deeply, it pierces your heart and leaves a mark on it forever. You celebrate songs that jog

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WLOON Photography


Marriage 🏹 Is he your true love or secretly, you just wish to put a stop to the dreadful interrogations from the caring slash nosey aunt? Well, he is great but getting yourself committed to

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